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Hello, and welcome to my photography website.  I've been fascinated with taking pictures since I was a kid, playing with my Mom's Brownie camera, having fun as a teenager with my very own Polaroid Swinger (remember those?), and trying out all the popular cameras of each era along the way.  


It was about 25 years ago when I got my first real 35mm camera and decided to take photography more seriously.  Eventually, of course, I moved on to digital photography, and I've developed skills in capturing landscapes, flowers, architecture, and all types of things, in and out of the natural world.

Of course, our most significant and precious memories come in the form of photos we have of ourselves, our families and pets, and the milestone events in our lives.  I'd love to be there to capture those moments in your life, whether in studio, at your favorite location, or at one of those momentous occasions.

Please contact me to talk about your photographic needs, and to schedule your personal photo session, or to purchase prints for your home or office.

I look forward to hearing from you,


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